For Organizations

Brand Storytelling

Traditional marketing attempts to connect through the head.  Companies like Apple, TOMS, and GoPro use brand storytelling to reach for the heart, forging a deeper, longer lasting, more meaningful connection.  Try to watch this brand story without tearing up. 

Storytelling Analysis

Already engaged in a little storytelling?  Great. Our bestselling authors can assess your materials to-date and show you how to use proven literary techniques to give your storytelling a boost. 

Stories to Drive social Media

"Hey, we need a Twitter campaign!"  Um, okay. Social media is a wonderful way to connect with your audience, but what's your story?  The Bestsellers Group can help you to uncover and shape stories that will resonate with followers and drive your social media efforts for years. 

Brand Anniversaries and Histories

Congratulations!  You did it.  Time to celebrate. Well-crafted anniversary and brand history books cement legacies, inspire supporters, drive communications efforts, and position your brand for more success ahead.

Destination Storytelling

Under the Tuscan Sun.  Midnight in the Garden and Evil.  Wild.  Nothing drives tourism like a good story.  Go beyond checklist marketing (Hotels? Check!) and dig into the essence of place.  Your destination deserves it.

Nonprofit Storytelling

It's a tough market out there, with more and more nonprofits competing for shrinking funds.  Stand apart from the crowd by telling stories that will resonate with donors, supporters and the people you serve. 

Training and Workshops

Q: Who's telling your brand story?  A: Your entire staff.  And they are telling it every day through their interactions.  Workshops and training help your staff better understand the mission while honing their storytelling skills. 


For Individuals


Perhaps your life has the makings of a bestseller.  Or maybe you just want record your story for posterity.  Go for it. We can help with everything from themes and structures, to characters and dialogue, to publishing options and marketing. 

Family Histories

Our clients find family history projects to be among the most meaningful undertakings of their lives.  Stories bring families together, bridge generations, and shape legacies.


Feel like you have a book inside you that's dying to come out?  Maybe it's a history, or a business narrative, a self-help guide, or a travelogue.  We can show you how to get started, then help at every step of the way.  That book inside?  Time to let it out. 

Writing, Ghostwriting, Editing

Writing a book is damn hard.  We've been there.  We've clocked our 10,000 hours and then some.  We've struggled with your same challenges and found ways to overcome them.  We know exactly what your book needs to shine.   

Storytelling Consultations

Getting stuck on a writing project comes with the territory.  We've all fantasized about reaching out to a professional for advice when those challenges arise.  Well now you can. Our bestselling authors are just a phone call away.