Some companies take shape in business schools.  Not this one.  The story behind The Bestsellers Group began when I got dumped at the altar by my fiancĂ©e.  Instead of heading to therapy (or a local bar), I decided to go ahead with the wedding weekend and the prepaid honeymoon to Costa Rica, swapping my recently divorced brother for my runaway bride.  We had such a good time clearing our heads and re-bonding as brothers that we decided to extend the honeymoon...for two years and 53 countries.  

During the honeymoon I wrote.  From the heart.  About anything I wanted.  It felt invigorating and liberating, like being handed a giant box of Crayola crayons after spending a lifetime coloring in gray.  At the end of the travels, I had several offers to go back to my career in corporate communications.  But the heart is a powerful thing.  Once you write with it, everything else feels hollow.

So I decided to write a book called, you guessed it, Honeymoon with My Brother.  The memoir became a bestseller.  I told my story on The Today Show and Oprah.  I then authored a follow-up called How the World Makes Love, a lighthearted look at love and dating around the world.  All for getting dumped!

At the same time, I started to help people, brands, and organizations with their storytelling.  I loved seeing their stories come to life, get published, distinguish their brand, or inspire followers.  My clients all had a compelling story to tell.  They just needed a little help getting it out.

That's why I decided to create The Bestsellers Group -- to help even more people shape and share their stories with the world.  I rounded up a team of the best storytellers I know, bestselling memoirists, brand storytellers, travel writers, and business authors.  Your story deserves nothing less.

-- Franz Wisner, Founder, The Bestsellers Group.